Thursday, August 31st, 2006 by Kevin Teljeur

Somewhere on the entry for this word ‘normative’, under piles of advertising for buying normative stuff and italian things for some reason, is the explanation for what this word means. Check it out. Alternatively, you could look it up on Wikipedia. I really should do a post about what I think of wikipedia, but in a nutshell, it’s a sort of mix between encyclopedia and general knowledge free-for-all where anybody can be an expert on anything at all. Unless someone even more determined decides that they know more about it than the previous person, rewrites the previous entry and dedicates their lives to ‘correcting’ any changes; and yes, there are people who do this and get fulfillment from it, and while I believe in personal freedoms I do think there are people who need to get a good hiding every once in a while in order to give them a bit of perspective on the world.

Anyway, I got ‘normative’ from reading the draft of a paper from Connor Upton, who is exceedingly clever but needed some perspective (without the hiding) from me on how much sense his paper is making (which is in fact a lot of sense, but don’t tell him that). It’s now my word of the moment, which I’m going to find new, creative uses for which are to a greater or lesser degree completely inappropriate: “Oh honey, you are have with me the great sexes, I have so much the enjoy from it. Are you also like with it?”

“Yes, yes I think it was quite a normative experience”

Me, Kevin Teljeur, in a somewhat normative state. I'm also in the kitchen, which I'm going to rename 'Office 2.0' which is cool-sounding.Me in a somewhat normative state. I’m also in the kitchen, which I’m going to rename ‘Office 2.0′ which is cool-sounding and helps me forget about food which can’t be a bad thing. This photo is about a month old now.
As you can see, I haven’t been getting about too much recently, and the incredible, voluptuous Eastern women in my head are becoming increasingly easier to please (while I’m getting more and more bored of them, in turn). I probably shouldn’t have shared that, but then again I made that up, I lied to you, my faithful reader. Yes, it’s becoming an abusive relationship already, and we should seek help.

5 Responses to “Normative”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Eastern women….:lol:

  2. Tee Says:

    It seems your normatives are dropping.

  3. kevintel Says:

    Well Tee, I’m afraid I’ll have to correct you there and point out that what you’re trying to say is probably more along the lines of “Your normative values are de-incrementing towards a non-normative base value” which is a lot more technical-sounding and also makes even less sense.

    Keep it normative.

  4. Tee Says:

    Well I’ll counter that with a blaxplotation question, “Say wha’ mother@*#&er?”

  5. kevintel Says:

    Man, you’re so ordinal!