Man aged immeasurably, activists claim

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007 by Kevin Teljeur

That’s me. I have aged. I’m old. Older. No-one claimed it, there were no activists, it was just a sensational headline; it’s my birthday today and I’m thirty four as of 3pm this afternoon. It’s interesting, in the sense that I can remember when the idea of me being this old was a very abstract thought, it was just too far away. But here it is. I don’t know what to make of it other than I’m not married, I don’t have children, I don’t own property, I do have a car but it’s a little one, and I still don’t have an great deal of responsibilities to worry about. In other words, I don’t have very much more complication in my life than when I was twenty four apart from a relationship (So, I could be married and have children by the time I write my next post, although that could be any time within the next ten years. Don’t hold your breath.) and so, if age is affecting me then it must be a certain world weariness or physical degradation. I do feel the years pulling at me, I’m balding, slightly overweight, I don’t recover from physical activity or injuries as fast as I used to…

I’m not complaining, mind you. Just stating the facts.

Me, Kevin Teljeur, standing on the beach in Wexford county, in February. Photo taken by my mother, Gerda. Taken 11th February 2007. Click image to view larger version »Me standing on the beach in Wexford county, in February. Photo taken by my mother, Gerda. Taken 11th February 2007.. Click image to view larger version »

I went to the doctor on Friday, in fact, with a series of ailments collected over the months (Because of the spiralling cost of healthcare in Ireland, I’ve taken to doing what many Irish people do now which is waiting until various ailments reach either high levels of inconvenience/danger, or the required level of cost effectiveness per individual ailment is reached.) and I notice that more and more, these things are down to wear and tear.

In the meantime, if tonight, Tuesday 13th of March 2007, you find yourself in Dublin city centre somewhere, call into the Market Bar or call me on +353 86 856 2978 to see where we’re at. Next Saturday (the 17th) I’ll be on the town too, so catch me then instead if you want for a slightly rowdier time. It’s all good.

9 Responses to “Man aged immeasurably, activists claim”

  1. kevintel Says:


    By the way, where do/did all of you see yourselves at 34?

  2. David Says:

    Hey KT,

    Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a good year.
    At 34 I imagine I’ll see myself in the same reflective surfaces as I do now. Also in photographs.

  3. Dee Says:

    Well i like to take my birtday off work and head to the beach or do something sporty like tennis or pitch and putt, i hope to be doing that at 34 too.. that ok right?? u still like doing those things kev??

  4. Tee Says:

    At 34 I’ll be in a gutter looking up at the stars, but that’s the pessimistic approach. Really I’ll be owning all your asses, and contemplating the very existence of humanity from my gilded layer in Zihuatanejo (the name of my house in Tallafornia). More importantly, I will, hopefully, be happy, still loving life, and maybe have a career & some peace of mind…

  5. Tee Says:

    Plus I know I’ll still be licking faces and giving wet willies. Some things never change.
    Dee Wimbeldon’s due to start on your birthday (I just looked it up), are you sure you’ll make it to the beach with that day off when you could be watching sports?! Maybe you should avoid tv that whole day, or else you could end up quitting your job. Tis risky for her Kev.

  6. Tadhg Says:

    Happy Birthday! Sadly, I won’t be able to make it to any of those celebrations in person, but have fun.

    Since 34 is just a year a way for me, “where I see myself” would be more of a list of resolutions. I’ll cite one–to have finished writing a novel or two (or at least public drafts of same).

    YOU, on the other hand, should see yourself at 34 as “posting more often”…

  7. Dylan Says:

    Happy birthday! Get Kenny to buy you a few drinks from me. In fact, I’ll have one over here tonight in recognition of you making it further than most of us ever thought you would.

  8. sean Says:

    Belated happy birthday from me also! 34. I always look at it in cricket terms. When you’re starting to be a useful one-day cricket match score you’re getting older ;-).

  9. Ineke Teljeur Says:

    Hay, I was searching on Google and I found you, mr. Teljeur. My name is Ineke Teljeur, and I live in Holland, is it possible that we are family??
    I am sorry, my English is very bad, but I’ll give it a try.

    Ineke Teljeur
    Leiden, the Netherlands