I’ll add something shortly; in the meantime, if you’re looking at this then you probably have my email address already. The reason you won’t see any direct links is because of spammers; they trawl web sites for addresses. Put this one together: Kev at

My mobile phone number is: +353 86 856 2978

My hard address is:
10 Brompton Green,
Dublin 15,

I finally moved! Now I live in Los Blancheles in North West Dublin. Planes, Train and Automobiles. Autobusny! I tell you, it’s all happening out here, but personally I’m just happy to be living in a big room with a big bed and a real duck feather duvet!

More to follow.

(edited 21.12.05)

One Response to “Contact”

  1. Kieran D Dad Says:

    Hi Kevin

    Happy Birthday.

    I was checking out our mysterious spammer with our IT guys in work. My PC and laptop are clear. Someone is using my address, but not from my outbox.
    I also noticed today that the same spam messages are now coming out under ciara@…. and debbietreacy@….. I know both of these girls.

    In checking with D, she has not sent group emails to all those getting the spam. I tested two business addresses and she did not email them.The common denominator is that all those getting the spam have accessed the LTD website and the email address that they accessed from is being harvested.

    Don’t know if anything can be done but that appears to be the situation.