I set up andcurve.com years ago after agonising for months over a suitably arty-farty domain name (originally, this was oblique.nu). The intention was then to develop some high-end user interface systems using Flash, but since then I discovered the far more interesting area of content management and web information management systems.

The site has actually been run with software built by me, but I’ve temporarily switched to WordPress because a) it works and b) I’d like to try it, and understand why it’s so popular (though, being free probably has a lot to do with it… ). Sooner or later I’ll finish my own software and then I’ll run the site off that. More on that here. The big objective is to get a site up and running for my wumon who is going travelling and wants to have a weblog for herself and her girleens; I thought that I would make a good guinea pig for this.

One of the strengths of WordPress is that it supports pre-built, customisable ‘themes’ – also known as skinning – which means it can just have another look and feel dropped onto the site. This one is based on Connection by Patricia Muller. You’d think I might, with my skills, build a whole new one from scratch, but life’s too short. I’ve decided just to customise then best one I could find and use that for the time being.

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